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Understanding China's Role in World Food Trade

by John Stoesser on Sep 30, 2020

With popular media's misdescription and negative representations of theTrump Administration challenging China's growing legacy of investing huge resources into intellectual property theft, unfair trade practices, and economic and diplomatic hegemony, many in the United States have a poor understanding of the context within which events being reported are in fact occurring.  The following link connects to the most recent in-depth market report produced by the Foreign Agricultural Service (FAS) of the US Department of Commerce.

The FAS is noted for the overall high caliber of its workforce and officers around the globe, very effectively representing American agricultural interests, and enjoys a great leadership team.  It is a major asset for the US on the entire world stage.

Popular media focuses on the traditional large volume products, primarily grains, and indeed, such products have been the foundation for the food trade with China.  But the mix is changing, and evolving to goods with the potential for much higher value-added content, on which this excellent and informative report identified and makes clear.


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