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Foreign Disease - Not if but when!

by Bronwyn Garner on Apr 23, 2021

Thinking back to over a year ago I would have never thought that COIVD-19 would have ended up in the United States. Seeing all the news segments and watching the virus tear though Europe seemed so distant from our boarders that I didn’t give it too much thought. The U.S. certainly had the capabilities to stop travel, screen, test and develop ways to keep this from happening right? Fast forward to today and we are still seeing the effects in every avenue of life.

This has gotten me thinking exactly how much of a threat is it… with African Swine Fever (ASF) spreading through Asia and Europe this will be the next disease to penetrate our boarders! Do we have the correct defenses in place to make sure the disease doesn’t slip through the cracks? If so what would the lasting effects be? How has the risk factor changed in the years the disease has been known?

While the U.S. has remained ASF-free I’m certain it is a not IF but WHEN situation as we are already seeing increasing risk for ASF incursion.


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