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Happy Birthday!!!

by John Stoesser on Sep 3, 2020

Our two very favorite insured animals - Twins Ya Lun and Xi Lun at Zoo Atlanta - celebrate their 4th birthday today!

IDEAL Agriculture & Marine Insurance has insured the twins' parents for almost a decade now, and have enjoyed watching the twin girls grow into the healthy, playful creatures they are.  My visits to them over the past few years have been some of the very highest points in my career, and these two little ladies have melted my heart.

Zookeepers are among the most professional animal welfare workers in the world, and the wonderful veterinary and caregiving staff at Zoo Atlanta are no exception.  The animals receive best in class care, and their health and wellbeing is the focus of everyone who works there.

Zoos are expensive to run, though, and all are feeling the pressures the response to COVID-19 has brought.  Although the zoo has reopened, 2020 will result in serious operational revenue shortlfalls.  If you'd like to help all the critters in the care of Zoo Atlanta, please visit  Donations of any amount may be made there, and you can be sure of the animals' hearty appreciation of support.

But for now, visit them online as they celebrate their day!


IDEAL Agriculture & Marine offers a full range of livestock and animal mortality products, including business interruption for many diseases. Whether current threats such as African Swine Fever and High Pathology Avian Influenza; more remote catastrophic diseases such as FMD; or more common but still costly diseases such as PRRS, PED and Salmonella, we can craft cost-effective solutions for treating the risk and mitigating the effects of a break.  This program applies to animal producers and related supporting industries.   Insurance agents and brokers having clients within the animal agriculture sectors are encouraged to visit with us for more information.

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